The Team

Louie Anderson


Louie is a lifelong climber and is very involved in the indoor climbing industry, with experience as a professional wall builder and designer, hold shaper and route setter. The Factory is the culmination of his experiences in the industry. Outdoors, Louie focuses primarily on sport climbing and is responsible for much of the development at local areas like the Riverside Quarry, Echo Cliffs, Frustration Creek and other lesser regional areas. He is also an avid boulderer and has been involved with the early development of Black Mountain, Mill Creek, Steele Valley and the Tramway. Louie enjoys very much seeing others introduced to the sport and sincerely hopes that The Factory will not only do that, but also strengthen the sense of community among local climbers.

Valarie Anderson

Owner & Manager

Valarie has been enjoying the outdoors her entire life, and spent many of her childhood family vacations camping, fishing, and exploring the wilderness. She has been climbing since 2005, and has experienced sport, bouldering, and trad outdoors. Her favorite trip was to the island Cayman Brac, where she was able to sport climb on a cliff overlooking sea turtles. Besides climbing she loves running, reading, and listening to country music. Valarie and Louie live in a rural part of Orange County, with their family which includes Luna their pit bull.

Support Staff


General Manager

My name is Matt and I am the general manager of The Factory. This gym changed my life for the better and gave me direction in a time where I was lost. As such, it is my goal to try and provide that same experience to every person who walks trough our doors and to make them feel welcome into our family. Climbing and fitness are at the forefront of my life. But when I am not focusing on that, I am enjoying adventures and beers with the friends. The Factory is has sparked so many new friendships in my life, which have lead to the craziest of adventures climbing outside. I spend a lot of time outside climbing, exploring, and backpacking. In my anti-social past time I enjoy photoshopping funny pictures, making weird electronic music, and dominating in Counter Strike.


Wall Manager

Growing up as a kid with the hopes and dreams of going professional in the skateboarding world seemed to transfer well into climbing. I got psyched after randomly catching Sharma deep water soloing in the film \"Progression\" on FuelTV... Instinctively, I headed straight to the gym that day and bought my first pair of boots by the end of the night. A couple weeks later I quit my job and started working at my local gym, which was followed by learning the ins and out of being a routesetter. Even after climbing for almost 4 years... I feel like I've barely scratched the surface of what I can learn. If you know where Mr. Miyagi is... Tell him I'm looking for him... Two months to become the Rock Climbing Kid? FUUHHGETT ABUTTT ITTT!

This sport has also led me to meet some lifelong friends that I would've never met otherwise and I'm stoked to get the weird looks when we're explaining a sequence WITH hand gestures in a public place that doesn't involve climbing whatsoever. But if I'm not climbing... I'm usually filming/editing videos, playing my ukelele, learning how to drink beer like a man or chasing that ping pong Champion Title.



Coming soon...


I began my relationship with climbing after a friend introduced me to the gym. After a few flappers, I fell in love and began to devote all of my time to the sport. I'm always looking for ways to improve and learn more about the sport while enjoying the cameraderie among fellow climbers. When I'm not in the gym, I enjoy bouldering in Joshua Tree or sport climbing in Malibu Creek. Outside of climbing, you can find me writing and producing music with my band, reading in my hammock, or studying at CSULB.


Hey I'm Nat! I started climbing at the ripe age of 20. The first time I touched those chalky jugs, I fell in love. As a prior unathletic child, I never really had a passion for any sport until I started bouldering. I've always dreamed of being able to go out to explore the outdoors and camping. Once I immersed myself into this community I'm finally living that dream with people that have the same interests. If I'm not bouldering, I'm either sleeping, painting, hiking, or petting someones dog.


Hi there, I’m Danielle! I first tried climbing when I was 17 years old. I remember trying it for the first time, thinking this was something I wanted to continue doing until my body either couldn’t handle it anymore or it would shrivel up and die. Unfortunately, I was still in high school and I didn’t have the funds, or transportation to get to the gym. Three years after that, I finally had enough time, money and courage to start climbing more frequently. Little did I know, the more I climbed, the more I would fall head over heels with this sport. I wanted to explore different climbing areas outdoors and climbing gyms indoors as much as possible - and I did just that. Since I’ve started climbing, I traveled to many beautiful places across the United States. From New Mexico to Washington, I got to combine my love for travelling and climbing, and hit the road on many new adventures. With that said, if I’m not climbing at The Factory or at Joshua Tree, I’m usually hiking or camping somewhere I like to think is Endor, but it’s this place called Big Sur. I also really like to be a hermit crab on my days off of adventuring to read, draw, watch reruns of Doctor Who, cuddle with my little doggos or play video games.


I got into climbing because my best friend dragged me to our local climbing gym at the age of 23. At the time I never knew how much this sport would impact my life, but I'm very grateful for that momentous occasion. Having always been a fan of running around outdoors, climbing became the perfect activity to couple with my love for nature. Before climbing I have been drumming (of the extreme metal variety) for the majority of my life. Climbing intrigued me because I love using my entire body to achieve a certain result and this was a new and exciting way to move for me. It wasnt until I came to the factory that I truly began to buckle down and really get into this sport. This place became a temple for me and because of this I very happy to be a slave to the chalk here! Climb on brothers and sisters!


It was a year ago, on the hot summer morning of my 20th birthday when I first scrambled into The Factory with my friends. With dilated eyes and a heart palpitating with excitement, I laced up a pair of rental shoes and rushed onto my first V0 and completely ate it from the top of our front wall. After four hours of the same awkward climbing and falling, I found myself sitting underneath the overhang with my feet spread across our classic grey-colored mats. Looking down towards my hands, I counted the five flappers spread across the top of my tender little phalanges, and chuckled at how happy I was to be tired. It was in that same moment, when I sighed a deep breath of what smelled of mint Yerba Mate, that I realized I literally spent the whole day falling... in love. With climbing. It’s been a year now and it still feels like my birthday when I open our tinted black doors! However, the only difference now is that I walk in with a sense of gratitude and walk out feeling stronger emotionally, socially, AND physically. My name is Alex and when I’m not falling off of things, I’m either: hiking with friends and family, meditating on a sofa, enjoying a book, or studying/practicing Nursing. Most of the time, however, I’m embarrassingly singing R&B in the middle of traffic.


Hi my name is Chandni and working at The Factory has been one of the best blessings in my life. I grew up being picked last for teams in gym class and being brushed off as an athletic person. When I started rock climbing last year, I still viewed myself through that lens: weak, incapable, meek. However, a few months later, I experienced a transformative change in my body and mental space. I felt strong, capable, and brave. Climbing built me up in more ways than just my physical being, and that is why I am so in love with climbing to this day. I have never been so dedicated and never pushed myself so hard. I have never believed in myself this much or had a community of people behind me who do the same. On the days where I'm not hustling up some rocks or a gym wall, I'm studying medicine (my other true love), having an existential and midlife crises both at same time, or writing poetry people will never read. On Friday and Saturday nights, you'll find me indoors, drinking tea, and going to sleep by 9:30 pm because I feel old now, and I own it.


Yo wassup it's Chris! I've been climbing for about 3 years. One of my friends invited me to a climbing gym and it's been an addiction ever since. Whether I'm climbing indoors or outdoors I'm always having fun. Some of my inspirations for climbing are all the OGz Dean Potter, Ron Kauk and John Bachar. My favorite climbing spots are Tahquitz, Yosemite and Red Rock. I love all aspects of climbing, plugging gear, clipping bolts and bouldering. Other hobbies I enjoy doing are backpacking, snowboarding and riding motorcycles.


SUH DUDE! The names Ken, Kenneth, or Kenny Moon! I grew up playing sports my whole life and just been an all around athlete. I love basketball, surfing, snowboarding, golf, etc. The outdoors has always been a part of me and I started climbing in my senior year of college. I have been climbing on and off for about 4 years now and love it more everyday. Climbing has taught me so much from my own physical capabilities to my mental and emotional toughness. What I truly love most about climbing is the community! I'm a people person and have learned throughout my whole life that we need each other to get through the different obstacles and trials we face. Whether it be that one friend or a whole community, we can really make an impact and change each others lives. My life motto has always been to Live Out Love and I hope to spread that and learn to even love better through climbing and the people I get to meet from it! Love you all!