Matinee Pricing

Monday - Friday

We know what it's like to be a climber on a budget, so we've made it more affordable than ever to climb at the factory. If you join us before 2:30pm PST any day Monday through Friday, your day pass will only cost you $9.00. That's right, a whopping 5 to 7 dollar go ahead and treat yourself to a nice lunch after you crush some routes with us!

Factory Family BBQ & Potluck

1st Thursday Every Month

Once each month we come together to feast and fest no matter the weather. With follie afoot you're sure to come back, you see... First thursday each month, try your luck at the factory. You'll find friends sharing food and on routes yelling beta. It's no worry if you're late, we'll all see you there later. So bake your best dish bring chalk and shoes in hand. You'll show up a new friend, but you'll leave part of the fam.

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