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Front Desk/Retail Area

Homemade cabinets and slat wall built onsite using reclaimed wood, help to display our retail offerings. Other than chalk, tape and other necessities, we are proud to offer a line of Factory logo merchandise (shirts, stickers, etc.), Mad Rock climbing shoes and accessories, YAMA bags, and VooDoo chalk bags, chalk pots, crash pads and other sewn goods. We also offer energy bars and a wide selection of refrigerated drinks.


Steep Wall

Steep Wall

The largest of our three climbing structures, The Steep Wall offers just over 2500 square feet of climbing terrain and runs the length of the gym. Offering constant angles from 20 to 50 degrees overhung, it's a great wall in which to polish your steep climbing skills. The front end of the wall features a small cave area for even steeper climbing, which transitions into a bulging, slightly overhung section at the front of the gym.


Wave Wall

Filling the back end of the facility, this wall warps from 10 degrees overhung at either end to about 22 degrees overhung in the middle. A great wall that bridges the gap between our Slab Wall and the Steep Wall.


Slab Wall

Whether you like it or not, most of the bouldering found in Southern California is on rock that is not very steep. The local granite areas occasionally offer steep climbing, but usually round out at the top and require some slab prowess to succeed. Because of this, we felt it was important to offer some terrain in which to cultivate and practice those skills. This wall offers constant angles from 85 degrees to about 95 degrees that are often overlooked in other facilities.



We hope that you will all feel free to visit The Factory even if you are not climbing. Because of that, we wanted to create a lounge area. Our couches, table, free wi-fi and pool table are here for your use and enjoyment, whether you come by after work, or are taking a break between training sessions...please enjoy.

Laptop Counter

We all live on our computers these days and we felt it was important to support that. Free wi-fi is available throughout the gym, but we have also installed a charging counter and work station for those in need. Feel free to plug in and recharge...


Men and women have their own bathrooms, which double as changing rooms. These are both oversized and feature benches, hooks for your clothing, full-length mirrors and a side table on which to set things as you change or use the facilities.