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When we first decided to open a bouldering gym,
we had clear goals for what we wanted to create:

Environment: This one focal point in our business plan is what we feel truly sets us apart. We wanted to create an open and airy space, full of natural light. Due to the warm Summer months, air conditioning was a necessity. Cleanliness of the overall facility and of the bathroom and member areas were to be a priority, as well as the maintenance of that cleanliness on an ongoing basis. A high-quality sound system to provide the background music we all draw energy from, and adequate lighting to allow us all to see what we're climbing were also foundational requirements. As important as all of these infrastructure tenets though, was a desire to create an atmosphere of support and encouragement; a place where everyone would feel the sense of community and belonging that makes climbing such a wonderful pursuit. We sincerely hope that you all notice and benefit from these focuses when visiting The Factory.

Terrain: While its certainly possible to improve your climbing on terrain of just about any type or quality, we really wanted to create terrain that was conducive to training and improving. We dedicated ourselves to finding a space large enough to allow for the installation of climbing structures that would focus on all of the major climbing terrain angles. We also opted to design our Phase One structures to offer large spans of constant angles to expose and strengthen any potential terrain weaknesses in a given climber's abilities. Our Phase Two installations will further expand on the current terrain offerings and provide transitional and bulging terrain to supplement those structures already installed.

Boulder Problems: We will constantly strive to offer our climbers the best problems we can. The best of the local route setters will be involved with our setting efforts and we commit to always offering a diverse and challenging set of problems, regardless of your ability level. We have also opted to set our boulder problems by hold color, instead of using tape or other marking systems. In our opinion, this offers the cleanest visual presentation and is the easiest to use when trying to follow your intended sequence of hand and foot holds up the structures. While we acknowledge that some people will have challenges due to color-blindness and other vision issues, we have made an attempt to standardize the colors of our holds and to keep from setting similar colors next to each other. It's our hope that this will allow those climbers to follow the individual colors by shade and tone if needed. While it's difficult to accurately rate boulder problems in a way that they will directly correlate to outdoor boulder problems, we have made every effort to ensure that the ratings within our facility will remain consistent with other problems found in The Factory.

Staff: Our staff members have been hired because we feel that they will support and contribute to the positive, supportive and welcoming environment that we are trying to create. They are all climbers, but their climbing abilities and experiences mattered far less than other attributes when they were added to our team. It's our sincere hope that they enrich your experience at The Factory and help you to feel a part of our extended family.

Community: One of the greatest benefits of being climbers is the wonderful community that we are all a part of. At The Factory, we hope to create our own community within that greater community of climbers. We hope that you will always feel that you are an important, vital and welcome part of The Factory Family. If you have suggestions or criticisms regarding our facility or the way we do business, we encourage you to share them with us. Together we can all create a better environment and community within the gym and beyond.

Louie Anderson

Louie is a lifelong climber and is very involved in the indoor climbing industry, with experience as a professional wall builder and designer, hold shaper and route setter. The Factory is the culmination of his experiences in the industry. Outdoors, Louie focuses primarily on sport climbing and is responsible for much of the development at local areas like the Riverside Quarry, Echo Cliffs, Frustration Creek and other lesser regional areas. He is also an avid boulderer and has been involved with the early development of Black Mountain, Mill Creek, Steele Valley and the Tramway. Louie enjoys very much seeing others introduced to the sport and sincerely hopes that The Factory will not only do that, but also strengthen the sense of community among local climbers.


Valarie Anderson
Owner - Manager

Valarie has been enjoying the outdoors her entire life, and spent many of her childhood family vacations camping, fishing, and exploring the wilderness. She has been climbing since 2005, and has since experienced sport, bouldering, and trad outdoors. Her favorite trip was to the island Cayman Brac, where she got to sport climb on a cliff overlooking sea turtles. Besides climbing she loves reading, being an elementary school teacher, and listening to country music.


Meet The Staff


My name is Alejandro, but people also know me by Alex. I'm a part-time student at Cal State Fullerton trying to get my bachelor's degree in International Business with a minor in German. I love being outdoors, backpacking, camping with friends and cycling. I began climbing about 5 years ago at the climbing wall at CSUF and fell in love with climbing instantly. Most of the year you will find me pushing my limits on roped climbs at either the Riverside Quarry or in the Santa Monica Mountains, but I always look forward to Tramway boulder sessions in the summer and Joshua Tree sessions in the winter.


My name is Hai La but I also go by the name Chunk. I've been living in Orange County all my life. I fell in love with climbing in the summer of 2011 after a close friend of mine introduced me to it through a Groupon deal found online. After meeting a bunch of great people in the climbing gym, I'm thankful to be given the opportunity to climb outdoors with them all over Southern California. My favorite climbing locations are Tramway, Joshua Tree and Bishop. If I'm not climbing I'm probably out enjoying a delicious cold pint of handcrafted beer.


I've been exposed to climbing my entire life, and began experimenting with it before I could even walk. Family trips often included climbing, so I got to play on the rocks from time to time, but it's only been recently that I've become more interested in pursuing climbing. It's been a lot of fun learning more about how to use my body to succeed. I look forward to improving more and to meeting fun, new people at the gym.


An outdoor enthusiast, born and raised in Southern California, whose love for nature was passed down by her father at a very young age. Traveling, camping, and hiking are just a few ways she spends her leisure time. Her new found love for climbing has played a key role in self-discovery, establishing a strong peace of mind, and reinforcing growth as her relationship with the sport grows stronger. She hopes to instill the same love for bouldering in others, whether they are veterans of the sport or new to the world of climbing.


My name is Matt and I feel most like myself when I am pushing my limits in the outdoors. Whether it is climbing, hiking, backpacking, or camping-- I enjoy accomplishing significant personal goals in the majestic environments that make us feel so insignificant. Born with lanky arms and an instinctual urge to always get on top of things, bouldering is by far my favorite outdoors activity and a passion of mine. I love bouldering because of its emphasis on physical strength, adventure, and camaraderie between friends. However, I also enjoy producing music, riding my bike, cats, and being nostalgic about the 1990s.


My name is Christian Mercene. I started climbing in 2011 and have been hooked ever since. Rock climbing is an awesome way for me to explore the outdoors and appreciate nature's beauty. My favorite areas include Joshua Tree National Park, Corona Del Mar and Red Rocks, Nevada. Other than climbing my other passions are skateboarding and basketball. I recently graduated from UCR with a BS in Anthropology. I am currently working on a biology degree as well.